What is Lake Hub?

An innovative non-profit organization dedicated to bridge the skills gap and create a brighter future for Africa's youth through innovative learning and development programs.

At Lake Hub, we believe that Africa's youth are a crucial resource for the continent's future, and we are working to provide them with the tools and opportunities they need to succeed.

Whether it's through offering training in cutting-edge technologies, providing access to mentors and role models, or creating opportunities for young people to connect and collaborate with their peers, Lake Hub is committed to helping Africa's youth reach their full potential and contribute to the growth and progress of the continent.

Our story


A group of visionaries from Kisumu founded LakeHub to champion grassroot tech and entrepreneurship development in Kisumu. Registered as a Business name


LakeHub opens its first physical space, an innovation hub, first of its kind in Kenya based outside Nairobi. We championed grassroot digital innovation in Kisumu through tech hackathons, innovation challenges and meet-up inspiring other similar spaces to be set up in smaller towns across the country.


LakeHub Foundation is registered allowing the organization to operate as a non-profit in Kenya


LakeHub Foundation launches its two main programs; the LakeHub Academy and LakeHub incubation.


LakeHub Foundation graduates its biggest class of 200 female developers through a partnership with UNDP Kenya.

2022 – Now

LakeHub Foundation sets up a 2-year software apprenticeship in partnership with 01Talent. This brings world class software development pedagogy to youths in Kenya.

Our team

Austin Ayany
Bella Oyucho
Programs Intern
Calvin Jodisi
Programs Manager
Deril Okoth
Communications Manager
Dorcas Owinoh
Executive Director
Stacy Dina
Programs Intern


Our community of donors who have contributed to Africa's future of tech talent
Our community of donors who have contributed to Africa's future of tech talent