Our program portfolio


The FemiDevs program promotes women in tech through scholarships, mentorship, and creative problem-solving. Our approach empowers both non-programmers and programmers to create softwares without extensive coding. 75% of girls experience positive attitude shifts towards tech, and 64% of new learners gain confidence in pursuing careers in tech. We believe in technology as an enabler, not a barrier.

Opportunities for Youth in Africa

The Engendering Mentorship (e-GEM) program supports female students facing challenges leading to high dropout rates. By providing a supportive university environment, e-GEM aims to reduce dropouts. The program also boosts students' confidence in pursuing careers in technology, innovation design, and business.

Alumni Network

 Reducing youth unemployment is the most important factor in building strong economic pillars. Our alumni community now spans in more than 5 counties with more than 1500 youths gaining relevant technology training and entrepreneurial skills as well as job placement in the last 3 years.

Issue-Based Collaborative Network (ICON)

The Research-to-Change leadership program empowers young leaders to influence policy through research and data-driven approaches. ICON fosters intergenerational learning and dialogue for informed decision-making at various development levels. The program promotes concrete actions, cooperation, and the adoption of R2C principles across sectors for improved work, policy formulation, and decision-making.

Our community of donors who have contributed to Africa's future of tech talent
Our community of donors who have contributed to Africa's future of tech talent