As a leading organisation in the development sector, LakeHub is dedicated to creating positive change through strategic partnerships.

Our partnerships with numerous organizations from various sectors have enabled us to achieve our goal of increasing the number of skilled youth and fostering entrepreneurship in Africa.

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strategic partners


We are continuously seeking new partnerships to expand our impact and create customized programs to empower Africa's young population.

We invite organizations and institutions interested in contributing to this effort to explore the following partnership opportunities:

Talent Acquisition

LakeHub Academy is proud to have produced a growing number of skilled software engineers who are ready to bring their expertise and passion to organizations across the world. By hiring our graduates, you will have access to a talented and eager workforce who can help build relevant and market-ready tech solutions for your organization. Contact us today to learn more about hiring our graduates.

Strengthening Incubation Efforts

With thousands of businesses needed each year to employ Africa's youthful and skilled population, you can be a part of this impactful change. Partner with LakeHub Incubation to provide business and enterprise skills, as well as seed capital, to growing businesses in Africa. Together, we can drive employment growth and foster thriving businesses across the continent.

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